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Wake Up to Life Alarm Clock
16 November 2020
Life Secrets From Those Who Have Looked Death in the Eye

Some of the most alive clients I've worked with are the ones who have been awakened by the alarm clock of death. (For the record, they pressed the snooze button. They’re still alive and kicking after being jolted out of complacency.) Ava, for example, survived breast cancer* with a new lease on life, with a...

Money Coffin
09 November 2020
Top 4 Ways Spending Money Can Make You Happy

Money: you can’t take it with you when you die, so what to do with it after you’ve brought home all that bacon*? 73% of Americans die in debt, yet only 7% of people with debt think they are going to take it to the grave. Clearly we’re okay (and a wee bit naïve) with...

Blue Moon
02 November 2020
Living a “Once in a Blue Moon” Kind of Life

We just had a blue moon on October 31st– which is the second of two full moons in a single calendar month– and unless you’re into astronomy or witchcraft, you probably didn’t notice or care. I’m not trying to make you care about this luminary spectacle, but I do want you to care about your...

Years lost to covid
26 October 2020
How Much Has Covid Snuffed the Life Out of You?

Over 2,500,000 years of potential life have been snuffed out of the people who have died prematurely from Covid-19 in the US, according to a recent study. The calculation involves 200,000 people dying, complicated actuarial data on life expectancies, and this calculation that made me regret going deep into the bowels of the study: Complicated...

Till Death Do Us Part
19 October 2020
Having a Morbid Conversation with the Love of Your Life

It’s our wedding anniversary today, and while The Husband and I didn’t specifically say the words, “till death do us part” in our vows 17 years ago, we are all over death being the thing that parts us. This isn’t just because we’re into the lifelong commitment thing. It’s because we’ve had the death conversation....

Habits Suck
12 October 2020
And You Thought Habits Were a Good Thing

We've already spoken about the 9 ways you are boring yourself to death, slowly but surely, during our global pandemic. Before this topic of boredom thoroughly bores you, I have something else to share with you about habits (you know, the things you think successful and highly effective people have more of than you do)....

Nine Ways You Are Boring Yourself to Death in 2020
05 October 2020
9 Ways You Are Boring Yourself to Death in 2020

Details on the 9 ways boredom is killing you, slowly, during our global pandemic: 1. You slipped into autopilot and the plane is crashing. Are you in a walking corona-coma? You made choices about your lifestyle that you didn’t know you were making this spring, because you were held hostage by COVID and probably had...

Blue Moon
28 September 2020
Covid: A Golden Ticket to Reprioritize Your Life?

We already know that Covid has changed our lives in remarkable ways. I won’t bore you with those details— you’re already well aware that you’re working from your dining room table, home schooling people you love but wish were out of your home for most of the work week, and eating way too many Twinkies*....

Last Day of Summer 2020
21 September 2020
Summer, Like Your Life, Is Ending. One Ends Today.

It’s the last full day of summer 2020, and so you know what this means. I’m going to force you to think about your death. I know, I know. This has the potential to be a total buzzkill, but you know by now that there is an uplifting, life-affirming moral to every demoralizing story I...

Meaning in Pandemic
11 September 2020
Can A Pandemic Help You Reengage With Your Job?

(The answer is probably going to be yes, FYI.) I've been waxing metaphoric as of late about how COVID-19 has been a wake-up call for us to start living on purpose. With a stark reminder — of global proportions — that life is short, many of us have been motivated to start participating in life...

How old were you when you died
01 September 2020
How Old Were You When You Died?

“Some people die at 25 and aren’t buried until 75,” said Ben Franklin, who then went out, all zesty for life, and became a founding father of the country (and found himself firmly emblazoned on the $100 bill). Nietzsche likely wasn’t thinking of him when he said, “Man is the only animal that has to...

How do you want to live
23 August 2020
What Kind of Life Do You Want to Live?

Somewhere along the way I’ve gotten myself obsessed with death – less to do with me being morbid and creepy and more to do with my even greater obsession with living. Not just living with a little “l,” though; Living with a big “L.” Little “l” living is us in that comfort zone that’s so...


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