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At What Age Are You Old?
At What Age are You Old?

First things first: where do you fall on my highly scientific Distance-to-Death Scale? Are you old? And how would you know — does it have more to do with how you look, feel, or how you’re perceived by others? At what age are you no longer a spring chicken? (I haven’t been called one in...

10 Random Happiness Hacks, According to Science
10 Random Happiness Hacks, According to Science

There are things in life we know to be true about how to live “the good life,” and we’re sick and tired of hearing about them. We know money can’t buy us love (but it can buy us a bit of happiness). We know an apple a day keeps the doctor away (which is actually...

What Needs Pruning In Your Life?
What Needs Pruning in Your Life?

I hate gardening (because it is in gardens where the spiders can be found — plotting and scheming as they spin their death webs), but I love a good pruning metaphor, so I’m willing to wade into web-filled territory to make a point for you here, friends.* Before I talk about pruning, I need to...

Mental Subtraction
Add to Your Happiness by Mental Subtraction

On the weekend after daylight savings robbed us of an hour of our lives, I thought it would be appropriate to talk about all the other things we might have to lose in our lives. Let’s keep this morbid bitching and moaning party going! No, this won’t be a pity party. Psychologists say this kind...

What You Could Do With Your Shoulds
What You Could Do with Your Shoulds

There are things we know by now as adults, right? Like how we’re supposed to replace the word “but” with “and” in conversations (if we care at all about being socially intelligent)... like how we all know by now to not leave the tap running while we brush our teeth (like we did with reckless...

Two Ways to Evaluate Your Life
Two Ways to Evaluate How Much You Like Your Life

Pausing amidst the whirlwind of life to ask yourself what you actually think about your life is kind of a best practice for people who want to make the most of their time before they die. We’re all ticking timebombs, so shall we get on with these little assessments, and then the business of building...

48 Life-Jolting Questions
48 Life-Jolting Questions

Take a few hours out of your life, grab your drink of choice (coffee/ LaCroix/ White Russian/ whatever), get comfy, and answer as many questions as you can handle in the time you've allowed yourself. If your answers inspire you to shift even one thing in your life for the better, then congratulate yourself and take...

Keeping Love Alive
How to Keep Your Romantic Relationship (and Yourself) Alive

Here we are, all hopped up on cheap Valentine’s Day chocolate, hoping to keep that loving feeling alive at least as long as the overpriced roses stay upright. Studies consistently reveal that being married is associated with longer survival, so it behooves us to keep the love alive if we want to stay that way,...

Two Life Thought Experiments
Two Weird But Important Life Thought Experiments

One of the ways I like to slice and dice life is to not just imagine my inevitable demise (old news, this keen Memento Mori interest of mine that keeps me appreciative of every day I wake up not dead), but to imagine bizarre scenarios that shed light on the ways I’m actually spending the...

Happiness and Expectations
Need to Salvage 2021 Already?

Let me guess: desperate to leave the carcass of 2020 behind, you pinned all your hopes and dreams on 2021 as the Year of Salvation and you’re flummoxed as to why your life hasn’t gotten markedly better in the last month. (Murmurs about doubling up on masks aren’t compatible with the supposed salvation, are they?)...

Anti-Autopilot Assessment
Take the Anti-Autopilot Assessment

As humans we’re innately compelled to pursue new experiences, challenge ourselves in new ways, pontificate possible meanings, and explore new ideas, people, and places. (This explains why 10 months of solitary confinement in our worldwide pandemic prison has more or less sucked the life out of us. The only exploring we’ve been doing is between...

The Apple Pie of Happiness
Are You Letting Yourself Be Happy?

“I wish that I had let myself be happier” is apparently one of the five most common regrets people have as they’re about to bite the biscuit. Even with all that morphine coursing through their veins at the end, people on their deathbeds still kick themselves for not letting happiness be more of a theme...


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