From happy clients

Getting coached by Jodi was one of the most important things I have done in my life. I was in a dead end job and relationship and was almost paralyzed by fear of moving forward (she says I was stuck in autopilot, I say it was a slow-motion plane crash). With her caring support I figured out what I wanted next. The process was deeply insightful, creative, challenging and somehow fun too. I now know what I want AND need, and am so much more confident with how to get it. I landed a new job that plays up my strengths! Thank you for making me feel seen, Jodi.

Jessica, Marketing Director

I absolutely looked forward to my sessions with Jodi because I always felt like I would have some sort of Aha moment during or after every session. I even had one AFTER my very last one. I didn’t know what to expect from this coaching sign up but I’m glad that I did because it just allowed me to see me in a different way and to really understand and dive into what really matters. I don’t think that just anyone could guide me in that way without her clarity and ability to sift through words and information and her generally positive attitude.

Sumita, Project Manager

Jodi Wellman has made a significant difference in the trajectory of my career. I now have more clarity and purpose in my role and have contributed to the executive team I sit on in a more meaningful way. I’m also more comfortable with fitting work into my life in a way that doesn’t feel like I’m compromising either important aspect.

Collette, SVP, Finance

How do you go from an intense career to retirement? You call Jodi! I had been thinking of slowing down at work for years but put it off without a plan to get behind. Thank you for helping me “get a life” again. I thought I needed my career to be myself, and I was wrong. I wish I did this program while I was working.

Chuck, recently retired

I was fortunate enough to work with Jodi during my professional mid-life crisis when I found myself burnt out and unsettled in my work. Jodi not only asked insightful questions, she also guided me through an exploration of my core values, experiences and strengths. Our work together challenged me to reflect, reimagine and ultimately realize what a next chapter could be for me. As a result I am more engaged in and inspired by my work than I have been in years. I cannot recommend Jodi highly enough.


Jodi is quick. She quickly picked up on and responded to my ideas. Once we narrowed down my goals, our conversations were fast-paced and peppered with suggestions and action steps toward achieving these goals. There were no wasted minutes!
Jodi is kind. It’s scary to step forward into an unknown future. and it’s also hard sometimes to look deeply at who you are and where you’ve been… her validation made it easier for me to see my own possibilities! I feel a lot more confident about my transition to a new career, because Jodi helped me see my own capacities in a new way.
I know I would have made a career transition without coaching help. I was ready for a change, and I knew it. The biggest benefit I got was that coaching made the process much more efficient, and made me much more confident about stepping forward toward an entirely new career. My work with Jodi helped me feel enthusiastic about this change, confident about my capacities, and supported with tools and resources to make this change. Thank you!


I have been working with Jodi for six months, and my company has chosen to extend our engagement because of the impact our coaching has had on me. I am achieving more at work that I have in years and am finding a balance in my work and home life in a way that I didn’t know was possible.

Margaret, VP Operations

I have had the privilege of working with Jodi Wellman at ESC. Jodi brings knowledge and energy to all of her engagements. She creatively customizes proven executive coaching techniques to maximize outcomes for clients. Jodi gets you unstuck, motivated, and leaping forward in your career. I highly recommend her.

Rachelle, CEO

I left Jodi’s workshop amazed. I immediately did three things: I visited my Mom in her nursing home, I joined a gym, and I scheduled time with my boss to ask for feedback. It hit me so hard that I have been taking things in my life for granted.

Estelle, Workshop Attendee

The Monday Mornings speech was so motivating! I was a little nervous about a talk about death, but it wasn’t really about death at all. It was about Living, with a capital L! I am charged up to make more of my time because I see how limited it is.

Stefan, Workshop Attendee

Meeting one-on-one with Jodi became one of the highlights of my weeks. During the whole process, I truly felt like I had an advocate working on my side and encouraging me to put in the work needed to become the best version of myself.
We worked together to create actionable goals that made it more manageable to get from where I was when I started coaching to where I wanted to be. I was also given valuable (and also fun and interesting) tools and resources along the way to help keep me on target between sessions.
Jodi not only gave me more confidence in my day-to-day role, but also encouraged me to pursue new opportunities outside of work that have added to my overall happiness and well-being. If you’re looking to gain a greater since of fulfillment in both your career and in your life, look no further than working with Jodi!


Jodi was exactly what I needed when I finished college. I was freaked out and had no way to know what I should be doing, and after only a few sessions in our package I was calmer, I was clearer on my talents, skills, passions, and what I wanted, and she taught me how to really go after what I wanted. I’m excited about my career now, not intimidated.

Marion, Recent College Graduate

Sometimes  you just need an impartial and unbiased professional who can provide guidance and perspective. Jodi was just that and more. She got where I was coming from right off the bat, and provided sound direction that got me back on the right track. She helped me realize that tweaks were a better solution than radical shifts, and I am super appreciative for that!


Jodi is creative and most important to me a very good listener. I have had a number of business issues that Jodi has helped me come up with solid answers. She also has a great memory that helps hold me accountable. My meetings with Jodi are my precious time very well spent. 


After completing an initial assessment at the start of my coaching relationship, Jodi has been helping me work on being more assertive in a largely male-dominated workplace. I have become far more confident and am receiving positive feedback from my colleagues and direct reports.


I’m honored to recommend Jodi Wellman to any professional looking for a positive, inspiring and extremely insightful voice in their ear, coach at their back and cheerleader in their corner… She’s probably the nicest person I’ve ever worked with as well. But don’t let that fool you. While her delightful company is something you can look forward to, she’s absolutely no pushover. She will hold you accountable relentlessly—but with the kindest approach you can imagine. This works very well for me. I never feel the need to hide from Jodi, which I think is so crucial in the client/coach relationship; this makes us successful together.
Not to drone on, but I also think it’s very appropriate to mention that Jodi’s approach works with myriad personality types. I’ve enjoyed working with her so much and I noticed that in conversations with my employees, they were very drawn to her as well. So I started offering her coaching services as a perk of employment. Fantastic results. There is always a queue at my office, waiting for their chance to be coached by this tremendous professional.



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