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Happiness and Expectations
Need to Salvage 2021 Already?

Let me guess: desperate to leave the carcass of 2020 behind, you pinned all your hopes and dreams on 2021 as the Year of Salvation and you’re flummoxed as to why your life hasn’t gotten markedly better in the last month. (Murmurs about doubling up on masks aren’t compatible with the supposed salvation, are they?)...

Anti-Autopilot Assessment
Take the Anti-Autopilot Assessment

As humans we’re innately compelled to pursue new experiences, challenge ourselves in new ways, pontificate possible meanings, and explore new ideas, people, and places. (This explains why 10 months of solitary confinement in our worldwide pandemic prison has more or less sucked the life out of us. The only exploring we’ve been doing is between...

The Apple Pie of Happiness
Are You Letting Yourself Be Happy?

“I wish that I had let myself be happier” is apparently one of the five most common regrets people have as they’re about to bite the biscuit. Even with all that morphine coursing through their veins at the end, people on their deathbeds still kick themselves for not letting happiness be more of a theme...

Productivity Killers
7 Productivity Killers to Avoid Like a Pandemic

Oh, January. ‘Tis the season to want to get shit done, right? Whether you’re the resolution type, the measurable goal-setting type, or the sparkly dream-it-till-it-comes-true type, you’ve likely crawled out of the covid cave you’ve been hibernating in and you’re ready to TAKE ACTION IN 2021, DAMMIT. Before setting your I’m Gonna Conquer the World...

What are you living for?
What Are You Living For?

The Husband and I started watching “I Shouldn’t Be Alive” amidst our 1,655-hour holiday binge-watching extravaganza — it’s a show that chronicles the tales of people who have found themselves in life-or-death situations, and obviously lived to share the gory, frostbitten details. I’m all ears, hanging off every word. Lost in the Amazon? Tell me...

2021 Un-Dead Your Life Calendar
The 2021 “Un-Dead Your Life” Calendar

I made this 2021 "Un-Dead Your Life" calendar to help you inject some aliveness into your year. 2020 wasn't the kindest to even the zestiest of us out there, so some of us might need a little vitality CPR to come back to life, right? I hope you find even the smallest bit of inspiration...

Un-notable deaths
The Beauty of Un-notable Deaths

My Dad and I played the morbidly amusing game of Look Who Died This Year over the phone last week. I pulled up this list of “Notable Deaths”, quizzed him on who all the baseball players were, got to hear his memories about where he was the night of the 1956 no-hitter World Series game,...

Shortest Day of the Year
The Worst Day of the Year?

Today is the shortest day of the year, and unlike you, I couldn’t be happier. (And it’s not just because I’m a vampire who’d be content to live in a cave for the rest of my life, as long as it was warm.) Before you get all twisted into a knot about today being the...

2020 Obituary
A Eulogy for 2020. And Also For You.

The end is in sight for 2020, and we’re eager to leave it behind — in the dust of the grave we’ve been digging for it since the second round of stay-at-home orders. (The first order was novel and undeniably exhilarating. Now that we’ve been asked to keep our masked selves at home again, we’re...

10 Things MeaningFULL People Do
10 Things Meaning-Full People Do

I’ve been talking a lot about adding more vitality to our lives lately—which is a pretty fantastic thing to do as we approach the unfathomable end of the Netflix menu (because THANKS, COVID, WE’VE WATCHED EVERYTHING by now, even Hot Tub Time Machine)—but lest you find out start to think I’m shallow, I figured it’s...

Celebrate Anything
How Making Up Preposterous Celebrations Makes Life Better

There are several truisms about what it takes to like our lives a little more; life hacks, if you will. One involves having something to look forward to, another involves festooning your life with celebrations, and another truism may or may not involve copious amounts of vodka — but for now I’ll keep this sober...

Hobby List
Hobbies for Adults? It’s Not Blasphemy.

Ask anyone old enough to vote (damn—it’s still too soon to talk about voting, isn’t it? Fine. So ask anyone old enough to set up a [legal] online gambling account) what their hobbies are, and they’ll either look at you patronizingly like you’re a child who just asked how much pudding they get to eat...


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