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11 Lessons Learned from Sabbatical
11 Lessons Learned After a Work Sabbatical

Like most of you worker bees, I have been accused of “living to work” instead of “working to live” — and even though I really like eight-and-three-quarters out of every 10 hours I work, I said, “F this!” and decided to join The Husband for a hefty part of his eight-week sabbatical. Here are 11 of...

The Day of the Dead
Celebrating Your Life on The Day of the Dead

Ghoulish newsflash: it’s the two-day affair known as the Day of the Dead — the Mexican holiday where families welcome back the souls of their dead relatives for one hell of a “welcome back, but not really” party. (This is my second favorite holiday of the year, next to National Fudge Day on June 16th.)...

43 Ways to Live Forever, Almost
43 Ways to Live Forever, Almost

Who isn’t angling for a few more years above ground? Anatole France wisely said, “The average man does not know what to do with this life, yet wants another one which will last forever” — and I dare you to tell me that’s not at least 76% true for you. Today we’re diving into “how...

A Collection of Unexpectedly Inspiring Quotes About Death
A Collection of Unexpectedly Inspiring Quotes About Death

You know how some quotes can paradoxically stop you in your tracks yet also jolt you into action? Still your beating heart in one moment, yet also quicken your pulse in an "I'M SO ALIVE" kind of way? Take your breath away yet simultaneously breathe oxygenated life into you? (I really hope you know what I mean.)...

Today is the Day You’ve Been Waiting For
Today is the Day You’ve Been Waiting For

There has never been a day like today, nor will there ever be another day like this one — and I’m not just saying that in a motivational speaker-y kind of way. Monday, September 20th 2021 has come, and if you let it, it will go like any other unremarkable second-last-day of summer, like any...

When Work Is Killing You
When Work is Killing You

When work sucks, life sucks. Even the best compartmentalizers can’t box their work woes up tight enough to keep them from tarnishing the untarnished parts of their lives. One-off moments of frustration in an otherwise life-enhancing job can feel lousy, but we’re not here together on the auspicious occasion of Labor Day to talk about...

Nature Prescription
Want a Quick Happy Fix? Get Outside.

Tell the truth: you underestimate the well-being impact of the great outdoors, right? You might think being outside is nice, but not necessary, like appetizers — we all love them, but the entrée is usually enough. (The entrée plus dessert is enough, to be clear.) You’re not alone; research shows that we systematically underestimate the...

Knowing What Makes You Happy
Knowing What Makes You Happy Makes You Happy

If you were hypothetically asked to sit down and list 30 things that make you happy, what would your immediate response be? A) “.....................................” (← for the record, that’s no response, other than the sound of crickets chirping in the distance as you sit wide-eyed with a mild bit of panic going on under the surface.)...

Don't Wait
Are You Waiting to Live?

Do any of these statements sound familiar? "I’m waiting for things to die down at work to start my side hustle" "We’ll travel to the Azores when we retire" "I’m going to start dating after I lose these 19lbs" "I’ll start networking for a new job when I have a little more experience" "I only...

When Was Your Heyday?
When Was Your Heyday?

Buckle up for a wee bit of positive mental time travel, friends. Reflect back on the years you’ve been alive so far. (For some of you this’ll take just a jiffy, and for the rest of us we’ll exhaust ourselves scanning through multiple decades. It’s okay; take a break if you need to, Myrtle.) So...

Savor Summer, Don't Squander It
How to Savor Summer, Not Squander It

So here we are in August, and summer, like us, isn’t getting any younger. Here’s a pop quiz to determine where you sit on the continuum of savoring <———> squandering the most sacred season of all. What statement sounds most like you? “Summer is slipping through my fingers, like grains of sand at the beach...

Great Reads on Living and Dying
Great Reads on Living and Dying

If you, too, have a small (and when I say small, I mean significant) problem with buying more books than you will ever live long enough to be able to read, then I’m about to make your problem worse. But it’s a pretty decent problem to have, right? The stack of books beside your bed...


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