How to Make Your 100 Days Left in 2022 Count

You, all wide-eyed and defiant looking: “Wait, what? 100 days left of 2022? Are you sure it’s not 100 days into the year, and not 100 left?”

Me: “Keep with the program, Sparky. Time’s ticking and there ain’t nothing you can do to stop it, other than die.” (I don’t normally sound like a crotchety old man, but there you have it.)

September 22nd is not only the first day of fall (a.k.a.: the first day of mourning for All Things Summer, RIP), but also the start of the 100-day countdown to 2023.

Many of us are motivated by a crisp, clear countdown. Knowing I have 1,901 Mondays left in my life (if I play my cards right) wakes me up to make the most of my days, for example. When you’re on vacation and you realize it’s Thursday and you’re going home Sunday, do you not get down to the important business of Savoring Every Vacation Moment, Despite the Godforsaken Sand Fleas? Yes, you do. Maybe you had kids who went back to school recently, and tell me you didn’t snap to attention and Do Something Special in the week(s) before they got out of your hair devastated you by leaving? Yep, you did (or at least you intended to).

Countdowns can focus us to prioritize what matters and become better versions of ourselves before the timer goes off. Even if we’re not looking to fundamentally change our personas, most of us want to do what we can to feel like we participated in our lives, like we showed up to play. So how do we play when the end of the year is in striking distance?

4 ways to make the most of 2022 before it dies:

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve had a banner year, a ho-hum-ly average 2022, or an unmitigated disaster of the year so far—the next 100 days are yours for the taking. See what inspires you in the list below to get on with the business of living:

  1. Dissect + reflect. Think back on the best parts of your year so far. What were the highlights that made you laugh? Feel accomplished? Feel loved? Connected? Tipsy? Beautiful? Creative? Undeniably alive? We don’t need to reinvent the feel-good wheel, we often just need to re-do what works. What moments of aliveness can you replicate in these last 100 days?
  2. Plan something remarkable to look forward to. Well-lived lives don’t just happen to us, we have to imagine what they look like (even with blurry edges) and then plan them. Yearning for adventure? Plan a road trip or a hike somewhere new. Want more fun and social connection? Plan the spookiest and most memorable Halloween party of all time. What can you schedule into your calendar today that will give you something to anticipate AND enjoy in the moment when it arrives?
  3. Imagine what would make you feel proud. I met a woman on the plane from Chicago to Palm Springs last week (hi Ali!) who talked about having something to show for her summer. As a teacher, she has a distinct season off work to really live like she means it. It got me thinking … what do I have to show for 2022? What do I want to stuff into these last 100 days to look back on at New Year’s (under the happy influence of something bubbly) and feel good about myself for initiating/ completing/ trying but failing hilariously? What do you want to kickstart so you can look back and feel good … that you have something to show for how you lived?
  4. Get a head start on your 2023 dreams and desires. (That’s code for resolutions, which as a coach I am morally forbidden to refer to.) Imagine what you’ll want to do in 2023 (start walking after dinner … register for improv classes … start driving seniors to their appointments … get a blue streak in your hair … cut back on candy (*welp*) … look for a new job … whatever …) and start doing it now. Don’t wait until 2023. Between you, me, and the internet browser between us, you might not make it until 2023. Why not get on with the dreams you have for yourself, starting this very day? What can you pull forward from 2023 and start before the ball drops in Times Square?


100 Days Left!Let’s stuff these last 100 days of our calendar year with a combination of life-widening things (the fun and delicious pleasures) and life-deepening things (the meaning and purpose-full things). No one’s here to judge what you do with these last 100 days of 2022— what floats your boat might sink the boat of the guy standing next to you in line at Starbucks and that’s just fine. You might want the culmination of your year to be meditatively Zen and serene, or you might want it to vibrate with excitement and activity. It’s. Up. To. You.

I’m going to wrap up summer with a bang—and then on September 22nd I’m going to do these last 100 days of 2022 justice. What are you going to do?

Jodi Wellman

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