Meet Whitney...

no longer feeling alive at work

Whitney hadn’t felt valued at work in years, and was longing to make a career change but was intimidated about pretty much all of it:

Career Change Questions

Our first step in our coaching engagement was to get Whitney centered around her strengths (character strengths and job-related strengths), in tune with what really got her up in the morning and motivated to do great work (a foreign concept at first), and aware of what kind of culture, team and boss were best-suited to her personality and working style. We created a customized map of what a successful workplace looked like for her– how she’d know it when she saw it, and how to seek it out.

One of the most oomphy exercises Whitney completed was a full-on exploration about what kind of life she’d love to reflect back on from the ripe age of 89. She was so mired in her current reality, so concerned what others thought of her… and by answering a host of questions from her 89 year old self, she was able to see what kind of work life (and beyond-work life) she wanted to call her own. That drove a lot of her decisions from that point forward.

Once Whitney gave herself permission to dream a little, she realized she wanted to transition into consulting, with a short-term goal of working at a firm and a medium-term goal of working for herself. (Clarifying her value of freedom and independence really helped seal the deal on this decision.)

Whitney went through a structured process to determine what she wanted (and why), then created a game plan to achieve it. She feels so much more alive and in the driver’s seat of her career, which is kind of massively important for the independent type. There’s no holding her back now.

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