The 2024 Un-Dead Your Life Calendar

Congratulations for not dying in 2023! 61 million people weren’t so lucky and ended up…ending. So you won the Life Lottery last year, and I hope you raised a glass of something at New Year’s Eve to celebrate Still Being Alive.

But wait—we can do better than that, right? Better than “Still Being Alive”? Better than having a pulse, walking around like impressively functioning zombies?

We can revel in the honor of being alive by living decidedly alive lives. How better to do that than by celebrating days like…

  • Ice Cream for BreakfastEat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day (2/3; all our “be healthy” resolutions will be in the shitter by then anyways)
  • Viagra Day (3/27)
  • National Pigs-in-a-Blanket Day (4/24, comically followed by Love Your Thighs Day on 4/25)
  • World Kindness DayNational Creativity Day (5/30)
  • National Roller Coaster Day (8/16)
  • World Kindness Day (11/13)
  • The list goes on (359 things, to be exact) but you have a life to live and I must let you get on with it

Is it ridiculous that I doodled you a 2024 Un-Dead Your Life Calendar this ridiculous? A calendar that heralds occasions as auspicious as National Toasted Marshmallow Day (8/30; don’t miss out)? Absolutely!

It’s even more ridiculous that this is the fourth year in a row I’ve doodled and published this calendar, and that it’s “back by popular demand,” which means that others are interested in National Pina Colada Day, too (7/10).

I believe in the power of this calendar for these reasons:

  • We need to widen our lives with vitality, and when we’re sucked into the vortex of work and more work and even more work, it’s easy to just…keep working. We need inspiration to silly it up a bit, and having a calendar with 365 ways to add fun into life provides a handy resource. Look no further than the calendar to know what you’ll be up to on 3/30 (Take a Walk in the Park Day).
  • Prohibition Repealed, Baby!We sometimes take life too seriously, and think that it only “counts” when we’re doing something epic or profound. As I’ve said before, it pays to revel in our mundane, everyday existence, because life it what happens when we’re thinking about the life we should be living. Planning to celebrate National Nachos Day on 11/6 (why is this not an international holiday?) is a cheap and cheerful way to spice life up on a Wednesday night.
  • I want an excuse to draw crazy things (like newspapers on Prohibition Repealed Day; 12/5). Pure selfishness.

Download your free calendar already! Here!

Click this little hyperlink right here 👉 2024 Un-Dead Your Life Calendar

Guys, we get 52 Mondays this year. We can squander them, we can make them average, or we can make them memorable and meaningful…astonishing, even! With the help of this goofy calendar, maybe you can add a wee bit of vitality into your life in 2024. Don’t be surprised if meaning sneaks its way in, too. How could it not on 12/11 with the Holiday Food Drive for the Needy Animals Day?

Life's too short to not eat the cheese

This week is International Thank You Day (on 1/11). Thank you for using and sharing this calendar…for living as though you’ve been warned you will not live forever. Let’s get on with enjoying things like National Cheese Lover’s Day (1/20). Life’s too short to NOT eat the cheese.

Click here for your free 👉 2024 Un-Dead Your Life Calendar!

Jodi Wellman

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