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Managing Your Delusional Expectations
27 June 2022
What to Expect When You’re Expecting Happiness: Ants in Paradise

“You’ve gotta remember,” said Kevin the bug guy, “that you built your house on top of their house.” He said this in earnest, as though it was supposed to justify why we had 4,560,750 ants in our kitchen. I was not interested in absolving a single one of the 4,560,750 for breaking into the home...

Do You Love Your Fate in Life?
20 June 2022
Do You Love Your Fate in Life?

On a scale of 1 to 10 — where 10 is you all arms wide open in a welcoming embrace, and 1 is you all teeth-baring, brandishing your weapon of choice — how accepting are you of your fate in life? Are you fully open and accepting of your past, present, and whatever happens in...

What Does Your Death Mean to You?
13 June 2022
What Does Your Death Mean to You?

I’ve written about life-affirming things for the last eight weeks, so I’m about seven weeks overdue to talk about you and your pending demise. Humor me here for a bit, okay? (And nod with me that you know my Death Diatribes are actually all about living life like we mean it, right? Death as the...

10 Ridiculous + Simple Ways to Like Life
06 June 2022
10 Ridiculously Simple Things I Do to Like My Life Better

Want to like your life even a little bit more than you do today — even 3.6% more? (Pretty much all of us are raising our hands right now.) I have 10 ways that have worked for me, and thankfully most of them don't involve hard liquor. In no particular order... 1. I swiftly abandon...

Negative Capability Report Card!
30 May 2022
Negative Capability: Your Newest Life Hack

I think I know you well, friend. Let me guess: You like certainty. You like “to know.” You like clarity. You like it when things make sense. Am I like a 1-900 psychic or what? I nailed you, didn’t I? The problem with all those things you love to like is that you live in...

Wishes for a Well-Lived Life (Before You Croak)!
23 May 2022
Wishes for a Well-Lived Life (Before You Croak)

I hope you see things... Things that take your words and breath away with the dynamic duo of wonder and awe... like the first tulip of the year — insistent on pushing its way through wintry soil to live its brief but beautiful life above ground (kind of like you: beautiful and alive and totally...

Let’s Go Serendipity Hunting
16 May 2022
Let’s Go Serendipity Hunting

You know about serendipity, right? That special type of luck, when misfortune turns out to be fortuitous? When the shit sandwich life serves you turns out to actually be a platter of cheese-covered nachos in disguise? Here’s the thing about stumbling upon good fortune: we usually trip over it, curse at it, turf it in...

We Moved to Paradise!
09 May 2022
How to Not Be a Dream Killer (and Maybe Move to Paradise)

We moved to freaking Palm Springs, California! (For a girl who grew up near wintery, snow-covered Toronto, and then moved to equally frosty Chicago for the last 15 years, this is kind of a big deal.) I want to tell you all about moving to paradise — not because I want to brag about it...

I Did a TEDx Talk!
04 May 2022
I Did a TEDx Talk!

Holy crap! I did a TEDx talk! And I lived to tell the tale! I spent every waking hour over the last five months equal parts giddy with excitement and pee-my-pants nervous. You know how else I can describe this potent cocktail of feelings? UNDENIABLY ALIVE. It felt like I had taken a swig out...

Vital Engagement
02 May 2022
Have You Heard of Vital Engagement?

I dare you to tell me you don’t like the idea of a life colored in with both absorbed enjoyment and meaning... a living-in-vivid-color kind of life where you sweep yourself off your feet with captivatingly engaging activities... a meaningful life that feels like your existence matters and has more than a pea-sized iota of...

How Do You Want to Approach Your Big End?
25 April 2022
How Do You Want to Approach Your Big End?

The words we tell ourselves matter. You know this, I know this, and every coach worth the dough they paid to get certified knows this. I’m going to get all persnickety though and say it’s the verbs that usually matter the most. Verbs specify the action we want to commit to, rather than just musing...

Getting Into the Zone
18 April 2022
How Flow Can Enliven Your Life

Don’t you just love a chart that explains your feelings to you, in a way that feels more legit than reading your astrological chart? Like this one, that’s backed by real and actual science? If you’re feeling anxious, for example, it just might be because you’re overly challenged and woefully short on the skills to...


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