Your Life Review (Before You Go and Die)

YOU: “What, what? WTF is a Life Review?”
ME: “I love how inquisitive you are!”

Your Life Review Before You Die from Four Thousand MondaysA life review exercise, which involves revisiting and evaluating your life experiences, can be a profoundly meaningful and therapeutic endeavor. Research has shown this kind of intervention can enhance psychological well-being, strengthen interpersonal relationships, reduce psychological distress, promote self-identity and legacy-building, and improve coping with life’s challenges. It might even give you shinier hair! Why wait until the end is near, though?

YOU: “Isn’t this the kind of thing they do when you’re in hospice care?”
ME: “You’re right. I hope you’re not in hospice right now?”

Rather than conducting this exercise when you’re at death’s door—which is typically when life reviews are administered—let’s reap the benefits of this reflection while we’re fortunate to still be alive. We get 4,000-ish Mondays; I’m thinking we should make them count? (Okay but really, you can count your remaining Mondays here. Now!)

Wondering how to do it?

  1. Download the PDF now: Your Life Review Before You Die from Four Thousand Mondays
  2. Sit back in a comfy place with your favorite beverage (I’m really into filthy martinis these days, but you do you) …
  3. Take notes on your answers to the questions, and be honest with yourself. No one is going to see this (unless you leave it on the table in Starbucks, in which case you’ll need to skip town in a hurry), so there’s no point in BS-ing yourself, you know?
  4. It’s okay to complete bits and pieces at a time, and if you’re feeling a tad pressed for time, jump to “The Full Shebang” questions.
  5. Kudos to you for completing this life excavation in an effort to live like you mean it in your remaining Mondays.

Download the Life Review here already!

Click here: Your Life Review Before You Die from Four Thousand Mondays

Now off you go to review, refine, and maximize your Mondays!

Jodi Wellman

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